* The Cherry Dancers!

* Behind the Lens: On the Set of Oh Land's Video for "Cherry on Top" | NOISEY

* The video for ‘Cherry on Top’ has finally arrived! It’s a truely poetical story with a clear reference to Nanna’s past as a ballerina.

 How do you feel about it?

giohudson asked:
Hi! in less than a month there will be Nanna's birthday!We have to organize something to make her happy I was thinking about a fan video with all the Narwhals' pics or videos with wishes for her birthday What do you think?You know someone good at edit video?Let me know so we can organize and spread the word :) Narwhalsland

* Hello fellow fan! Well, I think that’s a good idea… although I’m not good at editing, neither I know someone who might do it. Maybe it’s a matter of spreading the word.

 I myself can contribute with a edited image or so, and I’m also open to sugestions or submissions that I can send to you.

 Anyone reading this may feel free to join!


Oh Land Voice Junior



* Yellow Nanna is yellow!


Oh land in my boxer video.