Oh Land @ Super Bock Super Rock 2014, Meco, Portugal

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* Is anyone following Oh Land on pledgemusic?

* If so, how is the experience being from your point of view?

Oh Land, Rune Tonsgaard, Nikolaj Koppel
Sidney Opera House, October 28, 2013

* I can finally say I’m a proud owner of all Oh Land’s CD’s haha! 

The artwork of these albuns is amazing, all thanks to Eske Kath. And Oh Land’ music of course, too!

 They’re definitely worth buying, the booklet is delightfull.

 Top photo, from left to right: Fauna, Wishbone and Oh Land booklets.

 Same order goes for the bottom photos (they’re the covers)!

Oh Land: New Album
 Nanna is up to something really special! She’s making a new album all on her own in her apartment, and she’s counting with her narwhals more than never to follow her!
 Besides all the goodies that the pre-order implies, 5% of the money raised will go to Greenpeace - we all know how Nanna loves the Save the Artic project!
 Oh Land is about to begin a new journey!


OH LAND @ Cannes Film Festival

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